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Atomic Redster Marathon Skate package

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Atomic Redster Marathon Skate package


The Atomic Redster Marathon skate ski retains the top-of-the-line base of its older brother but gains an all new nomex lite core. This change in core technology yields a more forgiving and lighter ski. This would be a perfect choice for any new racers who want to avoid the stiffness and unforgiving nature of the World Cup line. It is excellent for marathon distance efforts; the reduced weight and more forgiving ride lend themselves to longer sessions.

Sidecut 44-43-44 mm
Available lengths:
172 cm - Skier weight 88-121 lbs. (40-55 kg)
178 cm - Skier weight 110-143 lbs. (50-65 kg)
184 cm - Skier weight 143-176 lbs. (65-80 kg)
190 cm - Skier weight 165-209(+) lbs. (75-95(+) kg)

Full Package includes:
Atomic Redster Marathon skate skis, ?????? , and a pair of ski ties.


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