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Vintage Wood Skis

Norwegian ski factories used to ship wood skis and bamboo poles all over the world. Production of wood skis was halted in the late 1970s, as fiberglass and other synthetics became more popular and less expensive to manufacture. Now it's difficult to find a pair of wood cross-country skis in any condition. Intact, skiable wood skis are increasingly rare, and brand-new unmounted skis are precious gems.
We have a continually changing assortment of new and used wood touring skis - including brand new, never-mounted wood skis ($149 to $199); used but lovingly-cared-for skis with 3-pin bindings ($99 to $149), and skis that are suitable for decorative use but no longer skiable ($49).
Our selection includes Asnes, Bonna, EMS, Kongsberg, Landsem, Madshus, Silva, Skilom, Toppen and Trysil Knut wood skis in lengths from 160 to 220 cm. Most models have lignostone edges and aluminum tail protectors to ensure years of on-snow fun. Here's a sample of our current inventory. (Skis are used unless labeled 'NEW'.)
Asnes Tur-Langrenn 195, 200 & 205cm
Asnes Tur-Modell 180cm NEW
Asnes Langrenn 160cm
Bonna Model 1800 210cm
Bonna Model 2000 190, 195, 200, 215 & 220cm
Bonna Nor Tur-Langrenn190cm
Bonna Norfjell 170 & 180cm NEW
Edsbyns Race 210cm
EMS Model 2000 205cm
EMS Model 7000 215cm
Landsem Tur-Langrenn 195cm
Madshus Model 89 170cm NEW
Splitkein-Bass 200cm
Trysil Knut Tur-Langrenn 200 & 210cm NEW & USED
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Viewing 1 - 0 of 0