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Classic Skis

Classic or 'kick-and-glide' skiing means kicking straight back with one ski while gliding forward on the other ski and poling with the arm opposite the kicking ski. Most classic skis are designed for use on groomed trails consisting of two parallel tracks set a few inches apart that guide your skis. Classic skis can be either waxable or waxless. Waxable skis must be prepared by applying slippery glide wax on the tip and tail of the ski, and sticky kick wax on the 'kick zone' under your foot. When you're gliding, the ski's curvature or 'camber' keeps the kick zone up off the snow, so you can glide on the tip and tail. When you kick, your weight flattens the ski and the kick wax grips the snow. Waxless skis behave similarly but instead of kick wax, the kick zone has a 'fish scale' base that grips the snow when you kick.
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