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V2 Aero XL150S skating roller skis

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V2 Aero XL150S skating roller skis
V2 Aero XL150S skating roller skis


New low price! Skating roller skis with aluminum shafts and 6-inch inflatable tires. The XL150S is #1 in safety, ride comfort and versatility. The 6-inch pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces where it’s impossible to ski with smaller wheels - such as dirt roads, crushed limestone trails, chip-and-seal pavement, and close-mowed grass. On asphalt and concrete the inflatable tires provide an extremely smooth ride. XL150S skis simply roll over debris that can stop small-wheel skis in their tracks. And because Speed Reducers and brakes are much more effective on inflatable tires than on solid rubber wheels, the XL150S gives you an extra safety margin in hilly and mountainous terrain. 
Despite the large wheel size, the XL150S is very light at only 2000g per pair, which is why so many skiers call it their favorite roller ski. 
These are bare skis without bindings or brakes. Shafts are prepared for V2's unique proprietary speed reducers and emergency brake. If you need bindings or brakes installed, please order the XL150S mini-package. If you also need boots and poles, please order the XL150S full package.
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V2 XL150S Specifications:
Wheelbase: 604mm/23.55”
Weight per pair: 2000 g/4.57lbs
Ground Clearance: 31mm/1.2”
Wheel Diameter: 150mm/5.85”
Wheel Width: 31mm/1.2”
Optional Speed Reducer: ATR150XL
Optional Brake: B150XL
Replacement Wheels: W150S


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