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Skike V8 Lift Cross 2R roller skis

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Skike V8 Lift Cross 2R roller skis


New low price! Watch our Skike video! We're pleased to offer Free Ground Shipping to the 'Lower 48' US states. To get free shipping, enter coupon code FSLIFT when you check out. Or call us at (802) 649-3939.

V8 Lift Package includes:
1. Skike V8 Lift Cross 2R adult all-terrain, dual-technique skate-classic roller skis with 6-inch inflatable tires, built-in emergency brakes, and universal bindings that fit all types of shoes.
2. Instruction manual and DVD.

The brand-new Skike V8 Lift combines the best features of the new V7 Fix and the old VX Twin. New features include:
1. Re-designed binding has a free heel to simulate cross-country skiing, both skating and classic techniques.
2. New Reverse Lock front wheels give you a perfect classic kick without impeding the skating motion.
3. Heavy-duty Skike Roadstar tires.
4. New tube design with reinforced valve stem for longer durability.
5. Quick-release skewers for all four wheels, instead of axle bolts and nuts.
6. New velcro foot straps now stay in place, instead of pulling out when you insert or remove your foot.
And now, with the addition of free poles and free USA ground shipping, it's an even better value!

The V8 Lift is highly rated for:
1. SAFETY - Built-in emergency brakes on both left and right skis give you an extra safety margin.
2. RIDE COMFORT - The 6-inch inflatable rubber tires give you a comfortable air-cushioned ride.
3. VERSATILITY - Because larger wheels roll over larger obstacles, your Skikes will roll comfortably on hard-packed gravel and dirt, crushed limestone, and even close-mowed grass, in addition to asphalt and concrete.

If you're not ready to buy, try our 2-week mail-order rental program. All rental fees can be credited toward a roller ski purchase. Click here for more info, or call us at 802.649.3939 to customize your rental package.

Or, if you're not sure which model to get, just fill out our roller ski questionnaire and we'll call or email you with an expert recommendation.

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From all of us here at Nordic Skater, happy skating and skiing!


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