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V2 XLA940C Combi Roller Ski Full Package

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V2 XLA940C Combi Roller Ski Full Package


V2's XLA940C is a 'combi' or dual-technique skate/classic roller ski made for good-quality paved surfaces. The XLA940C has vibration-damping composite wheel forks with fully-enclosed fenders, but they can still be fitted with V2's unique Speed Reducers and Brakes.

Unlike the XLA910, XLA920 and XLA930, which are made for classic technique only, the XLA940C has wheels made of a stronger, more durable material that resists wear when the wheels are tipped on edge during skating. These longer-life wheels are essential for a high-performance dual-technique roller ski. The XLA940C has a 33mm-wide front ratchet wheel for enhanced skating performance, while in order to increase stability when classic skiing, the rear wheels are standard 40mm-wide classic wheels.

This is a new and improved version of the V2 940C that was used for decades for both skate and classic skiing. Identical to the top-of-the-line XLQ940C except for the less-expensive aluminum shaft. Even so, the affordably-priced XL940C's high-end composite wheel forks give you substantially more ride comfort than a comparably-priced ski fitted with aluminum forks.

XLA940C Full Package includes: V2 XLA940C solid-wheel skate/classic roller skis with aluminum shafts and composite forks; NNN or Salomon bindings mounted; emergency brake or speed reducers installed; Rossignol X-8 Pursuit or similar combi boots; Exel, Swix, or Yoko roller ski poles; and a roller ski DVD. When you receive your order confirmation, please reply with your height, weight and shoe size, so we can customize the XLA940C for you.

Upgrade Options include, for an additional charge, roller ski boots such as Alpina S Combi Summer; elite winter boots such as Alpina R Combi, Rossignol X-ium World Cup Pursuit, Fischer RC5 Combi or Salomon Pro Combi Pilot; and elite race poles such as Exel Avanti, Formula and World Cup; Swix Carbon, Team, Star and Triac; and Yoko 6700, 7100, 8100 and 9100. Please call us at 802.649.3939 to customize your package.

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