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Ski Skett Nord Classic full package

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Ski Skett Nord Classic full package


The Ski Skett Nord is our most popular roller ski for high school nordic racers, and it's also a favorite of recreational skiers who have access to smooth pavement and flat terrain. The Nord's soft rubber wheels and slightly flexible aluminum-alloy shaft give you a remarkably realistic on-snow feel for a ski in this price range.
Each ski has a 'ratchet' or 'clutch' wheel in the front, to give you something to kick against. The ratchet wheel can also be installed on the rear of the ski, but most nordic coaches agree that a front-ratcheted ski promotes better classic technique.

Specifications: Solid-wheel classic roller skis with 700mm (28-inch) vibration-damping aluminum shafts and medium-speed 76x38mm rubber wheels. Ski Skett roller skis are manufactured in northern Italy to exacting standards. Ski Skett is the world's oldest roller ski company, with a 45-year history.

What's included: Solid-wheel classic roller skis with vibration-damping aluminum shafts, medium-speed rubber wheels and NNN roller ski bindings; Alpina T20 or Rossignol X3 classic boots; Yoko 5400 roller ski poles; and our roller skiing DVD. When you receive your order confirmation email, please reply with the skier's height, weight, and shoe size.

Upgrade Options include, for an additional charge, roller ski boots such as Alpina ECL or SCL Summer; elite winter boots such as Alpina ECL Pro, ECL and RCL, Rossignol X-ium Classic or Salomon RC Carbon; and elite race poles such as Exel Avanti, Formula or World Cup; Swix Carbon, Team, Star or Triac; and Yoko 6700, 7100, 8100 or 9100. Please call us at 802.649.3939 to customize your package.

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