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Rossignol X-Tour Venture waxable touring skis

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Rossignol X-Tour Venture waxable touring skis


New low price! Long, skinny skis that perform best on machine-groomed cross-country trails, but can also be used off-trail. These skis require an application of 'kick wax' in the midesction to grip the snow and propel the skier forward. Tips and tails can also be glide-waxed if desired to deliver a faster glide.
The X-Tour Venture ski is also available in a waxless version at a higher price.
Bare skis do not include bindings. If you need bindings, please choose our X-Tour Venture Mini-Package. If you also need boots and poles, please order our X-Tour Venture Full Package.
Specifications: Sidecut 51-47-49 mm, Lengths 178, 188, 193, 198, 203, 208 cm.


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