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Kitewing Powerfoil 7.0

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Kitewing Powerfoil 7.0
Kitewing Powerfoil 7.0


The Powerfoil 7.0 is optimized for power and weight savings. The Powerfoil is intended for light winds, sticky surfaces and/or heavier sailors who desire more lift. The Powerfoil can be tuned from full to flat. It works on any surface and can fly its own weight in a very light breeze.
The Powerfoil frame utilizes stiff, lightweight carbon-fiber front tubes with the same aluminum boom and Y-tubes that are standard on the other frames. It has a longer Y-tube and a boom extension at the nose joint.
The Powerfoil sail is built at Ezzy Sails from the same 'scrim' used to construct the 5.5 Full and 5.5 Speed sails. The fabric is closely-woven polyester and X-ply laminated on both sides with clear film, yielding a result that is lighter than monofilm. The sail includes Dacron® luff sleeves with Cordura® reinforced openings and chafe points, cam-lock tip tensioners, a two-position reflex tensioner, and a leach strap.
Total weight of the wing is 15.6 lbs. (7.07 kg).


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