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Kitewing 5.5 Speed

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Kitewing 5.5 Speed
Kitewing 5.5 Speed


The 5.5 Speed is the only Kitewing that comes with extra-stiff, lightweight carbon-composite front tubes, which are a significant upgrade from the standard fiberglass frame. The 5.5 Speed sail is also unique; it is specifically designed to be paired with the  carbon front tubes, but it can also be used with standard fiberglass front tubes.
The sail is constructed from a lightweight 'scrim' fabric at Ezzy Sails. This fabric is a closely-woven polyester and X-ply laminated on both sides with clear film. The resulting fabric is actually lighter than monofilm. The sail includes Dacron luff sleeves with Cordura®-reinforced openings and chafe points, cam lock tip tensioners, three-position reflex tensioner, and leach strap.
The 5.5 Speed sail features a reduced luff curve profile specifically designed to fit the stiffer front tubes. It can be tuned through a fairly wide range of foil shapes. The Speed sail is intended for riders who want to go fast. This sail performs best on ice and on fast, hard-packed or corn snow surfaces.


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