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Kitewing Falcon 4.0

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Kitewing Falcon 4.0
Kitewing Falcon 4.0


Successor to the 4CE, Falcon is light, powerful, and very easy to handle. The five-batten sail is made of Dacron for easy on-the-frame storage and quick setup. The Falcon is beautifully balanced, silky smooth and efficient - a great wing for beginners and experts alike.
The Falcon sail is made of 3 oz. Dacron® featuring load path technology for maximum power and lift with minimal drag. It includes Cordura® reinforced openings and chafe points.
The Falcon 4.0 frame is constructed from fiberglass composite front tubes, EVA-coated aluminum alloy boom and Y tubes, an aluminum cross tube, 7075-T6 aluminum battens, and Kitewing's proprietary 'tip wands' or front-tube extensions.
The shorter wingspan of the 4.0 square meter sail makes it agile and easy to use. Five battens help stabilize this wing, making it ideal not only for beginners and lightweight sailors, but also for more skilled and heavier riders in strong winds.


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