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Zandstra Delta mini-package

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Zandstra Delta mini-package
Zandstra Delta mini-package


New low price! The Delta gives you the legendary quality of Zandstra's premium Rockwell 60 extra-hard, super-sharp steel for perfect traction on even the hardest, smoothest black ice - and the rounded tip gives you superior handling ability on artificial ice rinks and speed skating ovals. Extra-hard steel means you can skate for up to 5 years without ever sharpening your blades - a big savings of time and money compared to other brands of Nordic ice skates.

This mini-package includes factory-sharpened Delta blades plus pre-mounted bindings. It does not include XC boots. If you also need boots, please order the Zandstra Delta full package, which includes skate, combi or back-country boots.

Blade length: 41 S (16 1/4 inches). Tip shape: Round. 

The Zandstra Delta is compatible with all NNN and SNS screw-on bindings, but not with NIS track-mounted bindings. If you want to use NIS slide-on bindings, such as NNN Xcelerator, Performance or Exercise Skate, please order the Zandstra NIS model instead.


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