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Lundhags Nordic Skate mini-package

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Lundhags Nordic Skate mini-package


The original Swedish-made cross-country ice blades for skating on frozen lakes. Originally known as Almgrens, the company was founded by Harald Almgren on the island of Blido, and was bought by the Lundhags boot company in the late 1990's. Blade is made of Sandvik stainless tool steel tempered to a 57 Rockwell hardness.

The 40 cm length (16") is for skaters 5'0" and shorter on natural ice - or for skaters up to 5'10" taking sharp corners on indoor ice rinks and small outdoor rinks.​ 40cm is the only length available, because the Lundhags Nordic Skate has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the Lundhags T-Skate. 

If you need a longer blade, try Isvidda Nordic Skates, Lundhags T-Skates or Zandstra Delta NIS in these blade lengths:
45 cm (18") for skaters 5'1" to 5'8" on natural ice - or for skaters up to 6'2" on artificial ice rinks.
50 cm (20") for skaters 5'9" and taller on natural ice - or for skaters over 6'2" on artificial ice rinks.

This mini-package includes factory-sharpened Lundhags Nordic Skate ice blades with a choice of pre-mounted SNS or NNN bindings.
To learn more about Nordic Skating, watch our Nordic Skating video and Vermont Public Television's Outdoor Journal, and read our Nordic Skate PDF.


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