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Isvidda Ice Claws

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Isvidda Ice Claws
Isvidda Ice Claws


Unbeatable low price! Isvidda Ice Claws are bargain-priced self-rescue devices for ice sports enthusiasts. Unlike our Original Swedish Ice Claws and Elite Ice Claws, Isvidda Ice Claws do not float. If flotation is an important safety feature for you, then choose our Original or Elite model.

Essential safety equipment for anyone who goes out on the ice in the winter: snowmobilers, ice fishermen, iceboaters, skaters, skiers, Fish & Game officers, and rescue personnel. Ice Claws are a pair of plastic grips with hardened stainless steel spikes protruding from one end. Use them in an emergency to pull yourself back up onto the ice if you fall through. The nylon strap goes around your neck, so your Ice Claws will be easy to reach in an emergency.
If you fall through the ice, stay calm. Tread water and move back to the edge you fell from. There you know the ice will hold you. Keep your gloves on. Pull your Ice Claws out of their protective holster and hold one in each hand. Reach as far as you can onto the ice and stab both Ice Claws into the ice. Kick your legs to get them up to the surface, then pull yourself horizontally out of the water and onto the ice. Once you're on the ice, don't stand up yet! Slide forward on your stomach until you're sure the ice is thick enough to support your weight.
Carry Nordic Skating Poles and a Nordic Lifeline. And never go out on the ice alone. You may need help getting out of the water. Throw your Lifeline to your buddy -- unless they throw you theirs first.
Wear a backpack with all its contents sealed up inside airtight plastic bags for extra buoyancy. Make sure to tighten the waist strap on your pack.


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