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Skyllermarks Elite Nordic Lifeline

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Skyllermarks Elite Nordic Lifeline
Skyllermarks Elite Nordic Lifeline


The Elite Nordic Lifeline is a 'throw bag' used to rescue an accident victim from the water. The Elite Lifeline uses a thicker and stronger rope than the standard Nordic Lifeline.
Lightweight and strong, the Elite Lifeline is made of 25 meters (82 feet) of UV-stabilized, braided polypropylene floating rope, stuffed inside a specially-designed cloth bag.
Easy to throw accurately, the bag's aerodynamic shape helps you get the Lifeline where it needs to go, and quickly. The rope uncoils automatically from the bag when you throw it. Underthrow it a little -- the bag will slide across the ice to its target. The reinforced loop on the end of the bag is easy to grab onto.
Carry your Lifeline in the top of your backpack or in an outside pocket where it's easy to reach in an emergency. Tie the loose end of the rope to a shoulder strap or a belt loop. A plastic washer is attached to the rope -- fasten the bag's Velcro closure with the washer just inside. That way you can pull the bag out of your backpack in a hurry without pulling the rope out of the bag.
Before throwing, unfasten the Velcro closure. Then throw the bag underhand.
When you re-pack the rope into the bag, avoid twisting or coiling the rope. Just stuff it into the bag a little at a time. Once the plastic washer is inside the top of the bag, fasten the Velcro closure.


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